Blast Monitoring Seismograph


Blast Monitoring:

Seismographs VMS Series

Our blast monitoring seismographs are designed specifically for monitoring and measuring ground vibrations and air over-pressures generated by blasting operations in the mining, construction, and blasting industries.

We have a complete blast monitoring systems:


• Completely Field Programmable
• Peak Particle Velocity, PVS & Frequency
• 8 Line by 20 Character LCD
• Peak Sound Level
• Programmable Start Time
• Blasting Log for Event Details
• USB Port
• Available with External Portable Printer and External and Strobe Light Options

Blast monitoring VMS4000

Blast monitoring VMS4000

• SeisWare compatible with Windows 7 Operating System
• One Page Report: Condensed Vibration Report puts all pertinent information on one sheet for easy review
• Print all Waveforms on one sheet or individually
• ZOOM feature for detailed waveform analysis
• USBM/OSM/DIN Analysis
• FFT (Fast Fourier Transfer) displayed on screen for review and printing
• Each blast information (location, operator, header, etc.) can be changed to suit your application

Display: 128 by 64 Pixel Graphic LCD (8 line by 20 Column)
Resolution: Seismic 0.00125 in/s (0.03175 mm/s); Acoustic 1dB
Sample Rate: 1024 Samples per Second Stored
Frequency Responses: 2 to 350 Hz (-3dB)
Geophone: Triaxial, 4.5 Hz Natural Frequency

Data transfer: USB port
Units of Measure: English or Metric

Seismograph Operation:
Trigger Source: Geophone and/or Microphone and/or Manually
Trigger Level: Geo; .02 – 2.00 in/s (.51 – 50.8 mm/s)
Mic; 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, or 129 dB
Range: Full Autoranging
Seismic: 0.00 – 9.00 in/s (0 – 288.6 mm/s)
Acoustic: 86 – 141 dB (re 2.9 x 10-9 psi)
Modes: Multiple Event with Full Waveforms
Record Time: 1 to 10 Seconds in One Sec Increments w/ Half Sec Pre-Trigger
Operational Temperature Range: 5°f – 122°f
-15°c – 50°c
Physical Dimensions: L 7.5in x W 5.9in x D 2.4in
L 10cm x W 15cm x D 6cm
Weight: Main; 1.6 lbs., Geo; 2.4 lbs., Mic; 0.5 lbs.
Main; .7 kg, Geo, 1.1 kg, Mic, .23 kg

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions17 x 13 x 13 in

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