Buildings are designed to withstand vibrations from passing trucks, traffic, railroads or subways.

To protect your building, assets, bridges, tunnels etc. the DIN4150 recommends maximum values to prevent damage.

Profound VIBRA is measuring in compliance with the DIN4150, DIN4150-3 80Hz and BS7385 250 Hz.


Type of structureGuideline values for velocity
in mm/s in horizontal plane of the
highest floor, at all frequencies
Buildings used for commercial purposes, industrial buildings
and buildings of similar design
10 mm/s
Dwellings and buildings of similar design and/or occupancy.5 mm/s
Structures that, because of particular sensitivity to vibrations are not classified
as described as buildings or dwellings and are of great intrinsic value, for
example listed buildings under preservation order
2.5 mm/s


PlaceRMS – PEAKLimit at 20 HzAcceleration
Structural Integrity DIN4150Peak10 mm/s1.26 mm/s2
Machine Service AS2625RMS1.8 mm/s0.23 mm/s2
Human Comfort AS2670RMS0.1 mm/s0.1 mm/s2


Damage typeProbability 5%Probability 50%Probability 100%
Treshold value for cosmetic damage e.g. cracking of untaped
plaster joints
13 mm/s64 mm/s228 mm/s
Minor damage: loosening of plaster and hairline cracks in
plaster and in masonry around openings
46 mm/s127 mm/s406 mm/s2
Onset of structural damage affecting load support elements64 mm/s152 mm/s430 mm/s


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