Profound Vibra vibration monitoring
VIBRA, Vibration Monitoring for buildings, railway, subway, bridges

With a Profound VIBRA, you can easily monitor vibrations, which may cause damage to buildings and sensitive equipment. The system is robust, lightweight, portable and battery-operated. Profound has developed 2 different VIBRA’s to meet the individual requirements of international clients. The characteristics of the VIBRA and the VIBRA+.

Independent of the chosen version of the VIBRA, it speaks for itself that the system is of international standards, such as the DIN 4150 and the DIN 45669.

The VIBRA can also be left unattended to operate continuously for weeks.

Once monitoring has been completed the VIBRA is connected via USB to a (portable) Windows computer for full analysis. The PC software is included.

Fully continuous and automatic registration of the vibration peak values during a long period of time: velocity and frequency, acceleration in x-, y-, z-direction

  • The VIBRA-series is in accordance with national and international standards ‘Vibration in buildings’ – Effects on structures’ and ‘Effects on persons in buildings’, such as the DIN 4150 – part 2 and 3 andDIN 45669
  • Real-time interpretation and verification of the vibration levels against ruling codes
  • Unattended vibration measuring for weeks due to the high-tech, low power consumption electronic design in combination with software intelligence.
  • Compact, robust field-computer that is very easy to operate.
  • Professional and fast (graphical) presentation of the monitoring results.
  • The possibility to attach an external alarm beacon to the system.
  • Easy comparison of measuring results: more than one VIBRA can be installed at the same location and the units are easily synchronized.

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Vibration Monitoring Asia

  • Full compliance with DIN 4150 – part 2 and 3
  • Simultaneous measurements
  • Dominant frequency determination with FFT method – Software processing – KBft and Kbfmax/Veff,max
  • Smart alarm (frequency-dependent alarm)
  • Daily status and data e-mail via GPRS/internet
  • E-mail alarm via GPRS/internet
  • Peak displacement recorded for each channel
  • Automatic level- and calibration checks

Download the Profound Vibra Datasheet

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