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We have a range of solutions for any issues related to vibration.

Building / Ground vibration

Legacy Profound Vibra instruments with a proven track-record, complying with many international standards. Read more about Vibra

MEMS large scale vibration monitoring

Convergence is using new MEMS technology for vibration monitoring, especially interesting for large scale projects as the price is low and the instruments are reliable. Read more.

Machine conditioning monitoring

Preventing expensive equipment to breakdown during production, we chose GTI Predictive as our partner of choice, intuitive usage, deep analyses readily available. Read more.

Vibration Sensors (accelerometers)

MMF is our supplier, solid, stable, durable accelerometers for most occurring applications. Read more.

SPEKTRA vibration sensor calibration

For primary, secondary or in-field calibration of vibration sensors SPEKTRA is the specialist used by National Meteorologic Institutes and high demanding industries worldwide.

Our specialized engineers are here to support your inquiries for any vibration project. Read more.

Profound Vibra series (Netherlands)

Profound develops and manufactures innovative and high-quality Pile Testing Equipment and Geotechnical Monitoring Systems for professional use. Ranging from inventive pile testing methods to innovative geotechnical monitoring equipment, we are continuously striving to make the best technology available to you. If you might require any additional information other than available on our website, please feel free to contact us directly or through one of our representatives. Profound is represented at several events which are notable for professionals within the geotechnical field. Please visit our events page to inform you of upcoming events.

Vibrations can occur for various reasons. Common sources of vibrations are: trains, construction work, speed bumps, factories, and wind turbines. Vibrations can be detrimental and have a major impact on the living and working environment. However, they can also cause irreversible damage to buildings, bridges, monuments, and other solid objects.

Convergence Instruments (Canada)

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Bruno Paillard, Convergence Instruments is a global designer and producer of affordable, high-performance solutions for data acquisition and analysis. We design and manufacture small but powerful data loggers with embedded acoustic measurement, temperature measurement, motion sensor, and vibration measurement capabilities for both the consumer market and a wide variety of commercial/professional OEM markets.

All current Convergence Instruments’ data logging instruments have LabVIEWTM drivers and/or data management/analysis software available for download free of charge.


Vibration Measurements sensors (Germany)

Metra has been developing and manufacturing vibration measurement equipment for over a half-century. Our product range includes piezoelectric accelerometers, charge amplifiers, vibration calibrators and machine monitoring equipment.

We have extensive accelerometer selection charts that will guide you through the best suitable sensor for your application.

The Future of Predictive Technology (USA)

21st-century technology has brought about giant strides in portability, connectivity, and affordability. That is what drives our philosophy at GTI Predictive Technology. We take advantage of every technological advantage to bring the industrial reliability maintenance community powerful, affordable and industry-changing solutions.

We do this by utilizing the most powerful platform available today and leveraging that with the most friendly user interface. The Apple iPad allows GTI to use the best technology combined with economy of scale to provide an amazing predictive maintenance solution.

GTI Predictive Technology offers a product family that can combine vibration data collection and analysis with balancing, shaft alignment, thermography and ultrasound into one affordable and completely scalable solution on one simple to use platform.

GTI Predictive Technology apps are customer driven. Many of the new additions to our apps have come directly from customers. Once these tools are added to our existing apps they are available to all of our users – all for free!

SPEKTRA vibration calibration


Your top-quality measuring equipment should be calibrated regularly to always keep the quality of your measurements at the highest stage. SPEKTRA offers various solutions for the calibration of sensors or complete measurement chains in the areas of acceleration, sound measurement, dynamic force and dynamic pressure.

Depending on how many samples you need to calibrate annually, you have the following choices:

  • to buy a turnkey calibration system from SPEKTRA for your own calibration laboratory or
  • use calibration services of our accredited laboratory
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